First Visit

The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend a child’s first dental visit occur by age 1. Your child’s dental health is extremely important to us. We provide a complimentary first time infant oral exam for patients 0-18 months of age.

Believe it or not, your child’s first impression of the dentist comes well before they ever set foot in a dental office. Contrary to popular belief, most children do not have an impression of the dentist before these thoughts are introduced to them.  Simple words like easy and fun go a long way in helping children have a positive experience. Read More.

What to Expect
At the first dental visit, your child’s medical and dental history will be discussed with you to make sure we have a clear understanding of the status of your child’s health. We encourage parents to accompany their children during this visit so that you can gain as much information as possible about their dental health.  Read More.

Participation in Treatment
If we have determined that your child will benefit from dental treatment with a parent present, we ask for silent observation so that 100% of our attention can be given to your child. In either case, you can be assured that your child will be given the best care possible by the dentist and staff.

Once your child’s dental treatment is complete, we will speak with you to outline the treatment performed and necessary follow-up, if any. Read More.

Appointment Policies

At First Class Pediatric Dentistry, we make a specifically scheduled appointment for your child. We ask that you please be on time (preferably early) for your dental appointment, as we try to see each patient within 10 minutes of his/her appointment time. Because the dentist has specifically created an appointment for your child, we reserve the right to reschedule your child’s appointment to another time if you are 15 or more minutes late. Read More.


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