Participation in Treatment

Each child that we see is evaluated on an individual basis to determine the treatment that will give the best possible dental experience. It is our experience that some children are more responsive and cooperative during treatment, with the dentist and assistant, if their parent(s) are not present. If we have determined that your child will benefit from dental treatment with a parent present, we ask for silent observation so that 100% of our attention can be given to your child. In either case, you can be assured that your child will be given the best care possible by the dentist and staff.

If asked, we respectfully request that you remain in the waiting room while your child is being treated. Parents should NOT LEAVE the dental office during the child’s treatment. This will enable us to have immediate access to you should we need additional information regarding your child.

Once your child’s dental treatment is complete, we will speak with you to outline the treatment performed and necessary follow-up, if any.

During the appointment, your child will be supervised at all times by a member of our staff. They will be encouraged to play at the activity table, read a book, or watch TV. We want their time in our office to be remembered as a FUN time!


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