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about Mouth Guards

If your child or teen plays a sport (such as football, soccer, boxing, hockey, wrestling, or baseball), then board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Adesegun Tewogbade strongly recommends a custom mouth guard to protect their gums, teeth, and jaw. Unlike generic, store-bought mouth guards, custom mouth guards from First Class Pediatric Dentistry will be crafted and adjusted for each individual patient, which makes them even more comfortable and effective. If you would like to reduce your child's chance of mouth damage from activity, limiting future dental emergencies, we invite you to contact our office in Snellville, GA to find out more about our high-quality, custom-made mouth guards.

Mouth Devices for Thumb-Sucking

In addition to mouth guards, Dr. Tewogbade and his skilled dental team also offer mouth devices as a way to keep your child from sucking their thumb or fingers. Depending on the age of your child, a retainer device may be suggested in order to create a barrier at the top of the mouth. This changes the way that the thumb fits within the mouth, helping your child to quit the habit and protect the positioning of their teeth. Talk to Dr. T during your consultation to determine if a mouth device may be an available option for your child. 

Who Needs Mouth Guards?

Custom mouth guards are helpful for patients who play a sport with high contact or a high risk of injury. Many of our patients participate in football, volleyball, martial arts, hockey, softball, soccer, wrestling, and other sports. A professionally made mouth guard can be especially useful when your child has braces or dental restorations since these can cut into the gums, as well as soft tissue in the mouth. Mouth guards have also been proven to assist athletes in noncontact sports (running, yoga, weight lifting) by decreasing strain on the jawbone. Since a custom mouth guard has been created especially for your child's needs, it generally fits better and lasts longer compared to stock or boil and bite mouth guards bought at sporting goods stores.

How Are Mouth guards Created? 

For the first step in making a patient's mouth guard, Dr. T will take a series of physical or digital impressions. Your child's impressions will be sent off to a dental laboratory where professionals will make the mouth guard from durable, high-quality materials. Once made and shipped back to our practice, your child will come back to our office to get a fitting. Dr. T will make sure your child's mouth guard fits properly and feels comfortable. He can make adjustments to the mouth guard if necessary.

Mouth Guard Care

As soon as your child gets their mouth guard, it's important that he or she wears it during sports or at any other time when their mouth requires extra protection. Caring for your child's mouth guard will be crucial in preserving its lifespan. It is necessary to store it in a safe place and clean it before and after use. Dr. T will teach you and your child the best method to clean the mouth guard based on the substances used. We recommend bringing it to every dental appointment so Dr. T can check its current state and also tell your child when a mouth guard refitting might be necessary.

Guard Your Child's Smile

Guarding your child's oral health with a custom mouth guard is an important part of improving athletic performance. Dr. T provides quality mouth guards to prevent dental emergencies and discomfort during impact sports and other activities. Schedule a consultation at First Class Pediatric Dentistry in Snellville, GA to find out more information about the benefits of durable, custom mouth guards.

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