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Tooth Extractions (Simple Only) in Snellville, GA

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What is a Tooth Extraction?

While board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Adesegun Tewogbade makes every attempt to save and maintain your child's natural teeth, there are cases in which a tooth or teeth may need to be taken out. A simple extraction removes a tooth that is visible above the gumline. This is typically done for a tooth that is damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired. An extraction may also be necessary to reduce crowding, or when a primary tooth has not yet fallen out before the permanent tooth erupts. No matter the reason for having a simple tooth extraction at First Class Pediatric Dentistry, our staff will treat your child with the best care. Our Snellville, GA office uses local anesthesia to prevent pain and keep your child comfortable throughout the procedure. Get in touch with our staff to learn more or to schedule your child's examination with Dr. T.

Does My Child Need a Tooth Removed?

If your child's tooth has been broken or damaged from decay, Dr. T can make every attempt to fix it using a crown, dental bonding, or a filling. However, a tooth might be too damaged and will have to be extracted to prevent the damage from spreading — and to save the health of the remaining teeth. Your child may also need a simple extraction to reduce crowding by removing teeth that cannot fit in the mouth properly. In older kids, baby teeth that haven't naturally fallen out may need to be extracted so that they do not obstruct the permanent teeth, especially if the permanent tooth has already begun to come in. If your child will be getting orthodontics or is considering Invisalign, a simple extraction might be required to make room for the remaining teeth as they move into their normal position.

How Is Tooth Extraction Done?

Simple extractions are done in our office with local anesthesia on the area around the tooth being treated. Other forms of sedation may be used based on the extent of the extraction and also to help keep your child relaxed throughout the treatment. When your child is ready, Dr. T will start the procedure. In a simple extraction, Dr. T will loosen the tooth using a special device called an elevator before removing the tooth. When the tooth is removed, Dr. T will stitch the incision in the gums. He can prescribe antibiotics to be taken after the procedure in case of an underlying bone infection.

What to Expect after Tooth Extraction

While the gums heal, it is important to avoid using straws and spitting. The recovery process will vary, depending on the extent of the tooth extraction; however, many patients will want to eat soft, room-temperature food for the first couple of days after the extraction. Our staff will speak with you and your child about what is normal during your child's recovery, and we will provide detailed instructions on how to properly clean and care for the tooth extraction site at home. Inflammation of the gums usually occurs after a tooth extraction so Dr. T may write a prescription for post-treatment pain medication. He also suggests cold compresses to ease discomfort. It is important that your child takes any other medications prescribed, such as antibiotics.

Follow-Up After Tooth Extraction

Dr. T may suggest at least one follow-up visit after the tooth extraction to check for any abnormalities or infections and ensure that healing is progressing normally. Dr. T or a staff member would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the healing process. Along with any recommended follow-up visits, you should continue to schedule regular appointments at First Class Pediatric Dentistry for dental exams and cleanings so we can monitor your child's oral health following an extraction.

A Simple Extraction Solution

When your child has a tooth that is damaged or if their mouth doesn't have room for a tooth, a dental extraction at First Class Pediatric Dentistry can assist in improving your child's oral health and smile. Make an appointment at our office in Snellville, GA to find out more about simple tooth extractions. If your child has dental worries or fears, Dr. T and his staff are happy to provide information about our sedation dentistry options to help them stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

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